Wicca protection bottle

Wicca Protection bottle (Photo: Nance Carter)

Wicca Protection bottle (Photo: Nance Carter)

A Wicca protection bottle is a basic craft project.  It is not only for a person in trouble or anticipating ill will; it can be used as a talisman for general protection of your family and home.

A protection bottle can be made out of any type of bottle or jar, from the fanciest perfume bottle to a simple baby food jar.  The ingredients are all items that can be easily found.

The above jar was made for me as a gift during the summer.  It is a spice jar from Ikea and decorated with sea shells and bright ribbons.  The ingredients are:

  • Sea salt for Grounding
  • Thor rune anointed with cinnamon oil for Protection
  • Red pepper flakes for Cleansing and to Cancel Negativity
  • Black pepper for Healing
  • Three bay leaves for Wealth
  • 3 needles, 3 nails and 3 pins to Repel Negativity
  • Cinnamon and cinnamon oil for Protection

The ingredients can be adjusted according to your needs.  Once filled, close your jar and tie with ribbon, twine, or seal with sealing wax.

The finished bottle or jar can hang from the branch of a tree, be buried in a corner of your property, or placed near a doorway in your home.

Thor rune for protection

Thor rune for protection

September 25, 2014

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