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Should I play with a ouija board someone gave me that came from an antique store?

I know that sounds like the beginning of a typical horror story.  The evil ouija brings a demon to someone and they don’t know if they should burn the darned thing or bury it, so they sell it to an antique shop where an unsuspecting person picks it up, then 90 minutes of mayhem ensues.

I received a ouija board as a Samhain gift because the giver saw it in an antique store and thought it was cool,  and that I would like it and hang it on the wall.  My first thought was, “I’m going to use this thing!  I haven’t had one of these since I was a kid.”  Then I started thinking about it.  Mind you – I don’t even believe in ouija boards or that they can bring spirits forward, foretell the future or anything.  I believe they are toys.  I used to have one made by Parker Brothers when I was 11.  Nothing evil – or anything (including the planchette mysteriously moving) – ever happened.

Anyway, I’d been thinking about using it – then had ridiculous reservations about it, and now just don’t know.  Actually, there’s no one I even want to contact from the other side.  If that was even possible, it’d be on youtube and we’d all know about it.  So I guess I’ll just hang it on the wall and have fond memories of one of my childhood toys, like my Samantha Stephens doll (which my son actually found on ebay and bought for me), my Casper the ghost with the pull string, my Age of Aquarius Instant Horoscope game, and Foo Chu fortune telling sticks.  Is it any wonder I turned out this way?

November 6, 2013

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  • DO NOT DO IT! They are no joke and wouldn’t even go into a home with one. I am bit superstitious at all but I do trust my gut. That is a gateway to evil, curses and Demons. Just don’t do it, don’t take that chance.

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