Three easy Halloween cakes

Halloween is a great holiday for invention, from homemade costumes to decorations and food.  Here are 3 easy desserts that won’t take up much time, but will look impressive. Ghosts in the Graveyard More of a pudding, but looks like a cake.  This is super easy – from 2 boxes (3.9 oz.) Jello Chocolate […]

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October 20, 2013

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Celebrate the summer harvest

Celebrate Lammas Tall stalks of corn, baseball bat size zucchini, luscious ripe berries, red runny watermelon.  These are the fruits of hot summer days.  In order to avoid turning on the oven, we prepare salads and enjoy dinners made of veggies, fruits and crusty breads.  These steamy days mark the time of Lammas, the Pagan […]

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Meatballs and the Mob in Little Italy

Sometimes decisions about meatballs and Cosmos are made because someone makes you laugh.  It was like that on a recent summer evening in Little Italy.  With friends from out of town, we wandered down Mulberry Street in search of the perfect authentic Italian meal. Most of the restaurants have hawkers posted on the sidewalk to […]

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