Fremont’s naked Summer Solstice parade

One of our readers sent us a photo from Seattle’s (Fremont, technically) Annual Summer Solstice parade, which consists of naked (body painted) walkers and  bicycle and other vehicle riders.  Seattle is evidently much more liberal than New York City and we applaud them!  Alas, we don’t have rights to photos from the parade, but we […]

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June 29, 2013

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It’s not doomsday, preppers!

Tomorrow is December 21, 2012.  As much as I’d love to be holed up with some doomsday preppers tonight to see the extent of precautions taken, supplies gathered, and tension built – I don’t know any.  Maybe I’ll be able to find some for the next fake end of the world.  Tomorrow is not really […]

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December 20, 2012

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10 gifts for Yule

Yule gifts should be useful but also fun and desired.  It falls on December 21, the longest night of the year, and celebrates the Winter Solstice.  Read the History of Yule here.  Following are 10 ideas for Yule gifts, some to make or put together yourself, and some to purchase.  Blessed Be! 1.  Amy Brown […]

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December 17, 2012

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