Sweet Hollow Road, Long Island

Is Sweet Hollow Road haunted?

Sweet Hollow Road at night (Photo: Nance Carter)

Sweet Hollow Road at night (Photo: Nance Carter)

Sweet Hollow Road in Huntington, Long Island, is a road of many mysteries and urban legends; many believe it is haunted.  The Northern State Parkway overpass on the road is a popular place to put your car in neutral to see if a ghost will push it to safety.  No one seems to know how these stories started or when the events that led to the ghosts’ appearances happened.  The road is a lonely, tree-filled, windy road with no sidewalks, bordering a large wooded park.  It’s the proverbial perfect place for a haunting.

To get there, drive on Old Country Road just west of Route 110.  Sweet Hollow Road is at a traffic light – turn north.  You will pass a cemetery on the right and the overpass is just up ahead.


There are several legends about Sweet Hollow Road.

  • A school bus driving on the parkway above Sweet Hollow lost control and fell to the road below, killing all of the children.  If you put your car in neutral while under the overpass, the children will push your car “out of the way.”  We tried this. Driving north on Sweet Hollow, we stopped the car under the overpass and put it in neutral.  Nothing happened.  Later, going back, travelling south, we did the same thing and the car did roll.  There’s a decline.  It’s not necessarily a ghost.  I believe the reason it didn’t roll the first time is because we stopped the car toward the beginning of the overpass, before the slant in the road.


  • Mary, the lady in white:  The story goes that Mary and her boyfriend were driving on Sweet Hollow when they got into an argument and Mary either fell, jumped, or was pushed out of the car.  She was then hit and killed by another car on the road.  Another version is she was in a head-on collision.  She is supposedly buried in the graveyard nearby.  It is claimed that you may see Mary, dressed in white, by the side of the road at night.
Sweet Hollow Road at during the day (Photo: Nance Carter)

Sweet Hollow Road at during the day (Photo: Nance Carter)

  • Three boys hanged themselves on the parkway overpass.  If you flash your headlights three times when approaching, you will see their bodies.


  • The best one (in my opinion) is a police office was shot in the head and killed on the road.  You may get pulled over by this officer while driving on Sweet Hollow Road.  He’ll ask you a few questions and then let you go on your way.  Make sure you look at him as he walks back to his patrol car because the back of his head will be blown away.  The first time I investigated these legends, a police car did, in fact, pass me, but I was not stopped so I could not check out a blown away head.  I assume there is a generally a police presence in this area because it is one of the most popular Long Island ghost locations and popular with teens.

There are several variations on the above legends and many people claim to have seen ghosts.  I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t.

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