Strawberry moon poem and Summer of Love



Strawberry Moon

                                                      by Patrick Carrington

Strawberry moon spreads its will
like jam, sweet with the sugars
of song and sunfade, and I see
the back of sadness break.

Mockingbirds scoop the music
of a stream and fly it to the trees,
share the throat of that new sister
as they sing. Rich with birds,

the willows whistle and dance,
waving their fronds like the wings
of their siblings. The tender joinings

of evening call me,
water to wing to willow.

                                                                                 (Printed with permission of the author)

What is a strawberry moon?

The strawberry moon made its appearance last night.  It’s still there, so if you missed it (Nick), look up! It is called a strawberry moon not because it is red (because it is not), but after the Algonquins, who named the full moon in June after the fruit that is harvested this month.

Summer solstice on the same night as a full moon = once in a lifetime

Summer also arrived at 6:34 pm yesterday, so today is the first full day of summer. The timing of a full moon on the same day as the summer solstice is a rare thing – once every 49 years.  The last time this happened, we were all stringing love beads, reading One Hundred Years of Solitude, and watching The Andy Griffith Show. The average house cost $14,250, average income was $7,300, and we were listening to the Rolling Stones’ “Let’s Spend the Night Together.” (When they performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, he made them change the lyrics to “let’s spend some time together.”) It was the Summer of Love and Rolling Stone magazine came out with its first issue.

Go out and catch this phenomenon because it won’t happen again until 2062. Light some incense, dance under the full moon, and howl!

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