More daily photos from Salem

Hurricane Sandy put a crimp in my plans to upload photos from my trip to Salem for Halloween.  The power went out 6 p.m. on Monday and I keep hoping it will be restored.

I think this has something to do with why we don’t have electricity

Nick was going to hollow out this pumpkin, fill it with beer and put a spigot in the bottom, but the hurricane squashed party plans











Thankfully the local library got their power back so here is the first batch of photos.  The rest will be uploaded tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone who let me post their pictures and sorry for the delay.  There were SO MANY inventive and fun costumes.  Enjoy!

A typical street in Salem

Witches altar at Hex shop

Houses on Derby Street

On the way to Essex Street

Love bikers!











Professional makeup artist

Elvis and friend











Great makeup

Spider and eyeball hats











My fave monster of all time

A statue – not real person











This pirate dude looked great – check out his fingers

Clowns make me happy














Is this CarolAnn? Awesome costumes, girls!

Pretty ghost











Scary sight at night

A new friend from Bewitched in Salem shop























November 1, 2012

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