Netflix shows to binge on

Deadliest Catch - Discovery Channel

Deadliest Catch – Discovery Channel. Imagine if this was your job.

I binge on Netflix

I admit, I’m a binger and I’m not talking about Jack Daniels or potato chips, but Netflix.  I don’t watch much regular TV, except for Ink Master, Face Off and a couple Housewives.  I’d much rather binge on Netflix when I have time.  (Two things I want to mention about Ink Master and Face Off:  (1)  I never imagined the artistry and work that goes into tattoos or movie makeup before these shows came on the air.  Amazing!  (2)  Also amazing are the hosts’ appearances – Dave Navarro [click on his name to watch a video of him explain some of his tattoos] and Glen Hetrick.   They both are clear individuals and their looks are completely intriguing.)

Shows I never thought I’d watch

Through Netflix I’ve found many shows to love that I could never imagine myself watching.  Like Deadliest Catch.  Crab fishing?  Are you kidding?  But I found out it’s incredibly engrossing.  If you’ve never seen it, you cannot imagine what these men go through to make a living.  The almost intolerable long hours, brutal weather of the Bering Sea, dangerous work – every day you could get killed.  It is truly unbelievable that anyone does this.  Edgar Hansen of the Northwestern is the baddest badass I’ve ever seen.  And seems to enjoy it.  Johnathan and Andy of the Time Bandit are famous for their pranks.  Everyone has a big personality and there is also a tally at the end so you can see who caught the most and how much money the deckhands made.

Rescue Me and Pretty Little Liars are the same show

Other shows I never thought I’d watch but enjoyed:  Rescue Me and Pretty Little Liars (which are both remarkably similar – a bunch of drama goes down and people are on their phones alot).  I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t even watch  shows that I like on their regular TV time slots because I want to binge.  Madmen, for instance.  I want to watch 4 episodes in a row, not 1 a week.  I’ve been finding new shows to watch, mainly by how many seasons they have.  The more seasons, the more likely it may be interesting and the more you get into the characters.

More shows I’ve really enjoyed:  Orange is the New Black, Portlandia, White Collar, House of Cards, Lost, Cake Boss.

What I’m watching now

What am I watching now?  OK quick, if I say vanquishing demons, what show am I talking about?  Charmed, of course.  Although I have to admit, it is not as entertaining as the others because just about every episode is about vanquishing demons, but it does have 8 seasons and I’m learning to like the characters.


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