My kinda light bulb ghost story

Did a ghost turn the light on?

I was chatting with my son the other night and he was telling me that his girlfriend has a ghost in her house.  She says it’s “glowy” and she saw it more clearly as a child.  Now an adult, she doesn’t see it full on, but from the side, and then always looks away so she won’t have to deal with it.  After telling me this, my son made me extremely uncomfortable – I mean sweating bullets – while he grilled me on a ghostly, or something,  experience I had about 12 years ago.

I’m pretty particular about electrical things, safety, fires, etc., so I never leave anything plugged in overnight, such as toasters, coffee makers, charging devices.  I would also never leave a light on in a closet all night, but that is what saved my and my son’s lives one night.

It was a normal evening, early winter in December and there was light snow on the ground.  We lived on the second floor of a Dutch Colonial house in Queens, NY at the time.  Something happened with the people who lived downstairs and suddenly the house was on fire.  We were asleep upstairs.  There was a little commotion down there that woke me up, but I thought nothing of it (figured they were having an argument or something) and turned over in bed to go back to sleep.

When I turned I noticed that the light was on in the walk-in closet in my bedroom.  It was one of those bulbs attached to the ceiling that uses a pull chain.  Knowing I could never get back to sleep with the light on, I reluctantly got up to turn it out.  I didn’t even remember being in the closet that day.  Anyway, after pulling the chain to turn off the light, I decided to just open up the door to our apartment to look down the stairs and make sure everything was okay.

When I opened the door, I was met by a thick wall of black smoke in the hallway, and quickly grabbed my son.  We ran/slid down the stairs and fumbled with the door to get out.  Everyone in the house made it out and we were all safe.  That should be the end of the story, but I kept thinking about that light bulb.

Who left the light on for me – the light that made me get up and discover there was a fire?  I always thought it was my deceased mother looking after me.  Since there was no way of knowing, I didn’t dwell on it.  However, in the years since I have seen three psychics for general readings – not particularly about this incident, just for fun.  I did ask each one who left the light on, and all three (two in New York and one in New Orleans) said that it was the old woman who used to live in the house.

Now, why would they say that?  I know there was an old woman who had lived in the house and I think she also died there.  I want to point out that I never felt any presence or haunting or anything of that nature while living there.  Also, I don’t really believe in ghosts.  So for the psychics to say the old woman, really makes me wonder.  They could have said, “Your mother” or made up any crazy thing.  It wouldn’t matter what they said, because there’s no way to prove anything.  But all three didn’t.  They all said the old lady.

Does that mean a ghost helped us escape?  I guess we’ll never know.  What do you think?

April 12, 2013

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  • “Science” says the light going on when it did was triggered by an electrical surge in the wall that went upstairs.

    • I am always looking for a scientific reason for unexplainable events. I never thought that the light could go on because of an electrical surge; I guess that could be true. I don’t know much about electricity. The light was on the opposite side of the house from where the fire started, but it could have happened that way. Much more logical than my psychic explanation!

  • i believe that a place can retain energy from the previous residents, especially if there was a tragedy involved. it doesn’t happen to me very often, but there are times i can sense great sadness or fear when i enter a place i’ve never been to before. when i enquire about the history, i always think “well… that explains it”…

    • That did happen to me in Gettysburg; I almost had a meltdown for “no apparent reason” when I mistakenly drove into the battlefield entrance at night. Energy is a mystery to me; I wonder if “Science” has an answer.

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