Manhattan’s witch store, Enchantments

Enchantments, NYC (Photo: Nance Carter)
Enchantments, NYC (Photo: Nance Carter)

Enchantments: NYC’s occult and witchcraft store

In the middle of East Ninth Street between First & Ave. A, I walk into my favorite Manhattan shop.  As I open the door, I’m greeted by the salsa music of Celia Cruz.  I notice the cauldrons, jars of herbs, darkened bottles of potions, and glitter sparking on the floor.  A black cat named Eros walks slowly by me.  His sister, Medea, is nearby, also black.  Languishing in a basket is a white American long hair named Cero.  All three are rescues.

This is Enchantments, Manhattan’s only witchcraft store.  If there are others, I’ve never heard of them.  When you think of witch shop, you think of those big amber bottles of potions.  They’ve got them.  They can make any concoction you need.  Experienced witches own and work in this store.

The first time I walked in many years ago, I was browsing at the spell kits and books when a woman entered, made a beeline for the back of the store, where the potions and candles are custom made, told the young woman at the counter that she was having some sort of problem and needed a solution.  An appropriate elixir was blended.  The woman seemed pleased and went on her way.  Hmmm, I thought, this is an interesting place.

There may be other shops that sell crystals, incense and the like, but none with products as varied as Enchantments and, at the same time, as specialized in the occult as Enchantments.  They opened in 1982 and are located in the East Village at 424 East 9th between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.  They also stock products for other spiritual paths.  The staff is excellent – very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  It’s also nice to know that they do not endorse products that may bring harm to others – no black magic here.  

“We believe in the principle “harm none,” and do not endorse items that hurt others.”

Jars of herbs at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)
Jars of herbs at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)

Magickal Apothecary

A very special part of their store is the Magickal Apothecary.  Therein are pre-packaged formulas and also a large variety of herbs, oils and resins that can be used to make hundreds of recipes for different purposes.  It reminds me of a witch’s laboratory – and that is exactly what it is.  They have over a hundred blended oils, dozens of powder incenses, over a dozen baths, 6 types of already made ouanga bags.  Everything is hand-made by the staff.  There are also over a hundred fragrance and essential oils and almost 200 herbs and resins.

Spell candle custom made at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)
Spell candle custom made at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)

Custom carved candles

I love the custom carved candles and they are one of Enchantments most popular products.  Customers can order a candle and  wait (30-60 minutes) or pick it up later.  If you are not sure what type of candle you want, you tell them what you wish to bring into your life – or what you wish to get rid of.  The candle will be carved with your name, astrological symbol and any other figures, symbols or runes that are appropriate to the desired effect.  The candle is a large pillar, good for 7 days of straight burning, or you can snuff it out and light again.  (You do not have to keep it continuously burning to get the effect.)  The candle is anointed with oil, iron filings are put into the bottom and a bit of honey is added as an offering.  (You also get a taste of the honey.)  Glitter (in the appropriate color) is rubbed into the indentations of the carved areas and the pillar is popped back into its glass holder.  See my article on Making a Spell Candle, which describes a class I took at Enchantments on how to make these candles yourself.

Besides the custom made candles, they have a large selection of votives, tapers, figure candles, and 7-day candles.  They have approximately 50 different 7-day candles with printed images for whatever purpose you need in your life.  Also in stock are incense, smudge sticks, green and white sage.  There are many books on various occult subjects and tarot cards.  They also stock jewelry, statues, cauldrons, chalices, pentacles, runes, wands, etc. – everything you need to be a good witch.

Part of the selection of books at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)
Part of the selection of books at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)

Online store

There is also an on-line store that sells custom carved candles, blended oils, powder incense, herbs, resins, books, sprays, baths, ouanga bags, and spell kits.  You may even be able to find an autographed book.

Occult Facts

If you visit their website, you’ll see that it has a section of facts that answers many questions about the store itself and also about spirituality, magic, witchcraft, spells, book recommendations, and the like.  They also explain how candle magic works, by “combining an intention with an action in order to produce an effect”  and complete instructions on how to burn your candle.  There are instructions on how to use their packaged baths and candle spell kits that include 2 hand-carved candles, 1 dram of oil, 1 package of incense and 1 package of sea salt.

Candles and cauldrons at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)
Candles and cauldrons at Enchantments (Photo: Nance Carter)


Enchantments offers on-site readings.  If you would like one, call during business hours (212) 228-4394 or book it in person.  They do take walk-ins, depending on how busy things are at the time.  Readings are $60.


Also check the website and join their mailing list to see upcoming events – sabbats are celebrated in the backyard and classes held in the store. Sign up for their newsletter here.

Facebook:  Enchantments NY
Twitter: @EnchantmentsNYC
Hours:  1-9pm.  Note they are closed on Tuesdays.


While in the area:

The Crooked Tree - delicious! (Photo: Nance Carter)
The Crooked Tree – delicious! (Photo: Nance Carter)

Eat at The Crooked Tree.  I had lunch in this tiny cafe on St. Marks Place and ordered the black forest ham with brie, arugula, tomato and honey mustard.  All of these flavors went together wonderfully.  I also tried the carmelized apple crepes.  I honestly told my server that the crepes were the best thing I ever ate in my life.  Try them.  Just about everything on the menu is $10 or less.






One of the geocaches to be found in the area (Photo: Nance Carter)
One of the geocaches to be found in the area (Photo: Nance Carter)
Physical Graffitti building, St. Marks Place (Photo: Nance Carter)
Physical Graffitti building, St. Marks Place (Photo: Nance Carter)

Check out the Physical Graffitti building.  This famous landmark for rock fans  is the building where the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffitti was shot  and also where the Rolling Stones were “Waiting on a Friend.”


There are 2 geocaches here, associated with Physical Graffitti.




Physical GraffiTea tea shop (Photo: Nance Carter)
Physical GraffiTea tea shop (Photo: Nance Carter)


Buy some loose tea at Physical GraffiTea.  I purchased Sweet Oblivion which contains valerian, lemon balm, lemongrass, green rooibos, chamomile, fennel, peppermint, verveine and lavender.   I found it really helped me sleep better.






Painted on a wall E. 7th St. & Ave. A. "The future is unwritten." I LOVE THAT! (Photo: Nance Carter)
Painted on a wall at E. 7th St. & Ave. A. “The future is unwritten.” I LOVE THAT! (Photo: Nance Carter)



  1. Enchantments is a great wiccan store, but it is true that if you are looking for crystals and minerals and gemstone metaphysical tools, like pendulums and crystal skulls, you would find a wider selection at other venues. The best is ROCK STAR CRYSTALS, that just opened a new large store this fall 2015 at 146 west 26th Street between 6th and 7th Ave in thre chelsea area of manhattan. the subway is just one block away. Magical. you can call them at 212 675 3065.

  2. I’m arriving in New York this Friday and was hoping to find somewhere for my interests. Thank you for this article, it certainly has inspired me to go visit this boutique. Are you aware of anywhere else I should visit while I am there?

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