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Enchantments is , surprisingly, the only witchcraft shop in Manhattan.   One of the things I love about the store is that you can go inside, tell one of the nice and knowledgeable witches your problem or what you want to accomplish and they will give you the oils, incense, incantations, or whatever you need to make it work.  One of my favorite items is the custom-made spell candle.  I have purchased two which were made by Kathy, one for myself and one for a friend, and they are as beautiful as they are effective.

Spell candle custom made at Enchantments

One day I was looking over their website,, and noticed they have spell candle making classes periodically.  So I signed up.  The cost was $60 and included the carving tool, handouts that detail the history of these candles in New York City, instructions, vevers, magical alphabets, rune sigids, a guide to colors and days of the week appropriate for different spells, a 7-day (large) pillar candle and smaller candle.

Class begins

I arrived early, wearing my big, soft Led Zep t-shirt (we were told to dress to mess), ready to spend an afternoon as a witch apprentice.  There were five other people in the class – a mix of genders, nationalities, and reasons for making the candles.  Kathy and Cat taught the class, which began with a history of witchcraft in Manhattan, significance of spell candles, and specific symbol instruction.

We went around the room and explained the reason we each wanted to make a spell candle.  Cat and Kathy urged us to get to the bottom of why we wanted to perform a certain spell, not just the end result.  For instance, if someone wants money, they don’t necessarily need a money spell, but perhaps the underlying reason for the money would be to banish worry about another issue.  In that case, perhaps a white or grey candle would work best to signify purity, clearance, uncrossing, removal of obstacles and negativity, mental clarity and healing.  The next things to consider are the color of candle and which oils, incense, and symbols would be needed to enhance the magic of the spell.

Small spell candle

First we worked on the smaller candle to get the hang of carving.  In addition to the suggested symbols, our name or initials, astrological symbol, and other writing or pictures pertaining to our goal were carved into the wax.  From beginning to end, we were to meditate on our intention and place it into our work.  This candle did not have a glass jar and was not decorated further.  It is set.

Large spell candle

Next we were onto the large candle.  Our first step was to pop it out of its jar and remove the wick.  A dull knife was used to slough off the top rounded end of the pillar.  A pentacle was carved, deep, onto this top with our rounded wooden tool.  All of the carvings would be best if carved relatively deep.

Same as the smaller candle, our name or initials, astrological symbol, any other helpful wording and symbols, as instructed, were carved into the wax.  Surprisingly, it was easier to carve the larger candle, as the main figure(s) were carved from top to bottom.

The incense is lit

Incense, oil and glitter

Once the carving was complete, a drop of honey was tasted as a sign of respect and positive intention.  Another drop was placed into the bottom of the jar as an offering to the god or goddess.  A secret ingredient was next shaken into the bottom of the jar to draw energy.  A spoonful of spell-appropriate incense was lit and circled around the jar then tipped into the bottom.  It went Poof! and a lid was lightly placed on top to keep the smoke inside.


Rubber gloves were furnished and spell-appropriate oil was rubbed all over the pillar.  We tried to be careful to get the oil into all of the gouged-out recesses.  Then the messy part – we poured color-appropriate glitter all over the candle, making sure it got into all of the carved indentations, while trying to wipe it away from the places that were not carved.  This was a little tricky, and why it is better to carve wide, deep indentations into the wax.  Our last step was to pop our new spell candle back into its jar and wrap it for the return trip home.

Begin the spell

Before the first burning, it is wise to take a salt bath in order to cleanse and meditate on intent.  The candle can be burned either all at once (it is suggested to put it in a pot and leave in the bathtub as it will take 7 full days to burn out), or burn as many hours as possible each day.  This is what I did and the large candle lasted about a month.

The research involved with spell candles can be substantial.  The phase of moon and day of the week should be taken into consideration, depending on your objectives.  If the spell is to increase something (money, love, popularity, etc.), it should be lit while the moon is waxing.  If the spell is for decrease (weight, arguments, quit smoking, etc.), it should be first lit while the moon is waning.  Check the top right side of my website for moon phases.

Enchantments in Manhattan

The candle class was a fun experience and it’s always a pleasure to visit the shop and chat.  When in New York City, make plans to visit Enchantments on East 9th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A.  It is a sensory experience to walk into the shop and take in all of the witchy looking bottles, incense, the glitter filled floor, and Celia Cruz (if Kathy’s working) vibe.  Say hello to the kitties, and check out their large assortment of supplies.  They also have an online store.

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December 7, 2012

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  • First I would like to say thank you thank you thank you for sharing! I picked up 7 day candles and I can’t figure out how on earth you popped them out, the lip on the glass is curved in a bit, is there a trick or technique to this?

    • A large (7 day) candle can be popped into the glass jar and simply taken out again. Once the candle has been lit and wax has melted, the wax will stick to the jar. If you’d like to reuse the jar once the candle is finished, put it in the freezer for a short bit and you’ll be able to scrape the remaining wax out. Note: Do not burn any candle once you get toward the bottom and the remaining wax is liquid. That’s it – the candle is done.

    • I’m surprised. I was just in there last week and had no problems. In fact, I had a candle made, they recreated an oil I had bought somewhere else, and I picked up a couple of other things. No rude attitude at all – everyone was very nice. Try it again, it’s really a great shop. Maybe someone was having a bad day – it happens..

    • I will research these candles and report back about how to make them. Thanks for reading! UPDATE! Just published an article Full Moon and New Moon Spell Candles. Check it out.

  • Thanks so much for this information. I came across your site while searching for ways to make my own spell candles and am glad I did. The instructions a very helpful but I was more touched by something else I read on your site.
    “For instance, if someone wants money, they don’t necessarily need a money spell, but perhaps the underlying reason for the money would be to banish worry about another issue.”
    This touched me deeply. I am researching to make my own money spell since I have not found one that suits me. In all this research I’ve just been made to feel like I’m doing this out of greed and that it not the case at all. My family, and extended family, live in poverty even though we are working people. I have been looking for a spell to work to help bring money to us to ease our burdens. This single sentence on you site touched my heart and made me feel that someone understood, I wasn’t alone in my thinking. It’s also helped to direct me to my proper intent, to banish my families worry about money, the worry of “will the power be cut off before I can make the bill” or “will the landlord file on us before we can make rent this month”, not to make us wealthy out of sheer greed. I’m hoping this will make my spell even more powerful since it will be more centered on it’s true intent now. Thanks for this post. It may not have been your initial intent when posting but it has given a witch who has recently found her path a great insight and new direction in her workings. Blessings!

    • Mandie, thank you so much for writing. I’m happy this article has been of help to you. So many people are struggling since the economy went south and I understand when you say you are not greedy but just want to provide for your family. This is a basic need and we all have the most basic needs of wanting to be loved, be safe, be happy. I’d like to make a few suggestions on how to help your spell candle. As you wrote, your basic need is to be able to provide a home for your family. An appropriate spell would be one of abundance and safety. I do not believe in simply lighting a candle and wishing for a miracle. I think a proper spell would begin with grounding yourself, choosing the correct color, day of the week, and phase of the moon to begin (all of this can be googled) and then – the most important part – deeply concentrating while the candle is burning. Concentrate on how to improve the situation, what changes can you make, what changes can other members of your family be persuaded to make, etc. Maybe a part time job (even if you already have a full time one) will help – not only to earn a little extra, but may put you in the path where you meet someone who can offer you a better job or opportunity or some other help. Be proactive in your life. I listen to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast almost every day and he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he does have a very positive life message. One of my favorite quotes by him is: “Just become the hero in your own movie. The movie of your real life. Start where you are right now.” Mandie, become the hero in your own life. What would your character do in your situation? It’s not too late to begin today.

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