Make a dog happy

Cook giblets for your dog

It’s possible that the first time (or every time) that you’ve roasted a chicken or turkey, you did not remove the little paper bag inside the bird beforehand.  While carving the cooked bird, you probably pulled the bag out and said to yourself, “What is that?” I know I did. What I learned is you can make a dog super happy by cooking these bits for just 10 minutes, so don’t throw them out. Put in a baggie and freeze if not ready to do it within a few days.

What’s in that packet, anyway?

Giblets and the neck are in the bag. First – throw the neck out. It can be used to cook stock, but there are too many bones for a dog to eat, so chuck it for these purposes. Giblets are the liver, heart, kidneys, and gizzard (muscle that grinds food, according to

Simmer giblets 10 minutes

When you’re ready to cook the giblets, thaw the bag in a bowl if frozen and then rinse the contents. Put them in a little pot and cover with water.  Turn heat on high, boil and then lower heat to simmer (lightly bubbling) for 10 minutes.  I got this recipe from the nest.  I then put the gibs in a shallow bowl (don’t include the water),cut them up into little pieces and let them cool off a bit. Bailey ate them in about 3 seconds, so I probably didn’t have to cut them, but I wanted to look to see if they were cooked inside.

I don’t know if I need a disclaimer that says you should consult your vet first, but I guess consult your vet, although I didn’t.

Love for Bailey the pretty

It was so easy and I felt good about using food I would normally throw away. Bailey would defend me until the ends of the earth and I showed her in a small way that I appreciate it. That’s what love is, right?


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