Mabon, the witches’ Thanksgiving

Mabon Sabbat

Mabon is a Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year.  It is the second harvest celebration, after Lammas and before SamhainMabon celebrates the bounty of the garden and is basically the witches’ Thanksgiving.  It occurs at the same time as the autumnal equinox and honors the Goddess who becomes the Crone.  We harvest the last of the summer garden and get ready for winter.

Mabon decorations

To decorate for Mabon, fill your home and altar with typical Fall symbols – apples, pomegranates, corn stalks, horn of plenty, dried leaves, wheat stalks, baskets of cinnamon scented pine cones, red and yellow candles.  Yankee Candle’s MacIntosh candle gives the house a delicious scent.  Place amethyst, lapis lazuli, yellow agate and or cat’s eye crystals on the altar.



Mabon is the time to perform spells for balance, protection, and prosperity.  Include dried maple leaves in the prosperity spell.  Use your firepit to add the fire element.

Mabon oil

CharmingPixieFlora has a good video on youtube showing how to make Mabon oil.  Watch it here.

Mabon incense

Make your own incense by combining sage, apple blossom, jasmine, cinnamon and a little myrhh.  There is no exact recipe – crush and mix the ingredients in a mortar and pestle until they smell and look “correct” to you.  This is how you make it your own.  Actually, once you have the basics down, all spellwork should be your own to be more effective.  Burn the incense on a charcoal disk on a heatproof dish.  Sometimes I use a coffee can with sand in the bottom because I am a freak.


Take a hike in the woods.  I do this every year with my son.  Last year we went to Devil’s Den in Connecticut.  We had a great hike on a crisp Fall day then ate at the Redding Roadhouse, which I heard just closed.  Anyway, it was a fun day.  We always combine the hike with geocaching – which we usually can never find, and getting lost or almost lost – which is a great fear of mine, but I keep going hiking in the woods and end up panicking at some point.  I must like getting scared.

Harvest and eat seasonal

Harvest the rest of your garden and put the beds to rest for the winter.

Visit a farm or farmer’s market and purchase what’s ripe now.  It’s a good way to eat all year round.  According to the following are in season in New York in September.  Check their website for your neck of the woods.  Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins (cook with the white ones), apples, raspberries.  Many farms have pick-your-own choices that is a fun activity to do with the fam.

Dry fruits

Dry apple and pear slices in a dehydrator, microwave, or oven.

Shrunken apple head

Make a shrunken apple head.  Instructions are on Martha Stewart’s website.

Make a wand

Cut a willow branch and carve it into a wand.  Watch this youtube video from Kannal Van Wicca to see how.

Make a besom

If you’re not crafty, purchase a handmade besom on Etsy in the Broomchick’s store.

Weave a basket

Learn the art of basket weaving.  There are kits available online.  Sometimes you can also find them in craft fairs.

Mabon foods

Prepare anything having to do with the earth, especially grains.  Roast a chicken.  Eat flatbread with seeds as well as any of the above fruits and vegetables that are in season.  Cut up 4 potatoes, 2 Spanish onions, dice 3 large cloves of garlic, chop up 3 green peppers them mix all up with salt and pepper, olive oil and place in a shallow pan in a 400 degree oven for about 30-40 minutes.  Boil fresh keilbasa with peeled, cored apples, cabbage and caraway seeds.  Make pumpkin bread.  Bake a spice cake but instead of oil, use applesauce.  Go to Cracker Barrel and buy a big jar of Spiced Apple Butter – mmmmm.  Spread it on baked pork chops.  Bake sweet potatoes and dress with butter, salt and pepper (no marshmallows!).  Make applesauce in the crockpot: peel and chop 10 or so apples, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of sugar (you can add more later if you wish), 2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg.  Cook for 10 hours.  Mash if necessary.  Drink warm apple cider or an earthy wine.  Whatever you eat and drink, thank the Goddess.

Renaissance Festival

Find a local Renaissance festival and act all Medieval or Renaissancey.  Click here for a listing by state and when they are held.

Celebrate Mabon with others

See Mabon events around the world from


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