Lammas pentacle wreath

Make a pentacle wreath for Lammas

Make a pentacle wreath for Lammas with herbs

Lammas celebrates the first harvest

Lammas is a sabbat (holiday) in the Wheel of the Year that celebrates the first harvest, particularly wheat and other grains.  There are traditionally 3 harvest celebrations – Lammas (August 1), Mabon (held on the Fall equinox), and Samhain (October 31).

Harvest your herbs and hang them up to dry

Harvest your herbs and hang them up to dry (Ashevillage Institute)

Ways to celebrate Lammas

Read my previous article, Celebrate the Summer Harvest, for ideas on decorating, crafts, incense, and food to bake and serve  (including an easy zucchini bread recipe) on Lammas.

This first harvest festival is also the perfect time to cut down your herbs, tie them and hang them up to dry.  These can then be used in teas, recipes, made into incense, and used in rituals.

Make a ribbon pentagram if you cannot find a straw one

Make a ribbon pentagram if you cannot find a straw one

Make a Pentacle wreath

It is pretty easy to make a pentacle wreath such as the one shown in the first picture.  If this is strictly to celebrate Lammas, it should be made of straw.  However, I think grapevine wreaths look more homespun.  You can purchase the round grapevine wreath and star at Michaels or AC Moore.  Wrap wide ribbon around the star so it attaches to the round wreath.  Insert herbs from your garden.  If you don’t have a garden, you can buy flowers at the above stores – sunflowers and vines would look nice.  If you cannot find the straw star, stretch the ribbon into that shape, as above.

Lammas meal

Finish off the day with a meal of hearty salad from the green grocer or farm and a rustic bread (bought or made).  Light a fire outside and toast marshmallows for dessert.  For added drama, use the Duraflame log that burns in colors of orange, purple, blue and green.

As always, thank the god and goddess and finish with cakes and ale.

Blessed be.


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