I floated today

Float in a Deprivation Tank

I floated in a deprivation tank today and I’ve done it 6 or so times already. I found out about it from JRE, Joe Rogan’s podcast. Floating is pretty popular now, and more float rooms are showing up on the east coast. I found The Float Place in Deer Park on Long  Island.

My first float

When I scheduled my first float, I was pretty apprehensive.  I knew the basics – I’d be lying in a shallow pool (10 inches) with tons of Epsom salts (over 900 lbs) for a long time (1-1/2 hours). Thoughts going through my head: would I sink to the bottom (impossible), would I be able to get up (definitely), what if I fell asleep (it’s okay to sleep and, no, you won’t flip over and drown).

I walked in the door and the fresh scent of the atomizer wafting through the waiting area greeted me (have to get one of those!). I was instructed to take my shoes off, sign a waiver, was given a tour of all the float rooms (2 rooms and 1 pod), plus the inspiration room, which is where you relax after the float.

It was time. Still a bit nervous, I was guided to use the restroom, put earplugs in (provided), take a quick shower (in the private room where I would be floating).  Holding onto the door to the float room for dear life, I eased first one foot into the warm water. It was slippery. And, yes, you are naked. Got the other foot in, squatted down, and sat.

I took some time to lay down, then immediately sat up to make sure I wasn’t weighed down by salt and unable to get out, like quicksand. All was good. I reached over and closed the door to the float room, laid back down, and pushed off the inside light.

I had been told to put my head all the way back for the comfort of my neck. If I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, there’s a noodle thing I could rest my head on, but I didn’t need it. Eventually I let my head go straight back so the water came just below my eyes on each side. I was floating!

Dark and quiet

Complete darkness. No light. No sound. That’s the idea. Now what? I had gone in with a question in my mind and tried to concentrate on it. My thoughts jumbled around, but eventually I was able to settle in and do some deep thinking and relaxing. Before I had gone in, I had chatted with a lady who told me her experience of a prior float: she felt as if she was at a party with a long-deceased relative, and had a very specific vision.

Different experiences each time

 Since my first float, I’ve had different experiences, although none were like the lady at the party, and none in any supernatural sense. At times I haven’t known if I was right side up or upside down. I’ve felt like I was in a tub of Jello; other days I might be bouncing (gently) off the walls. Sometimes it feels like I’m in outer space among the stars.  I’ve made progress figuring things out and the magnesium in the Epsom salts has helped my pain issues. Some days I come home totally relaxed and ready for a nap. Other days, I have crazy energy.

Once time is up, soft music comes on to let you know it’s time to get out. If you don’t hear it, it gets louder. If you still don’t hear it, “Wake up stand up” plays. If you still don’t hear it, someone will knock (your door has a lock for privacy). You then take a shower and head over to the inspiration room, which has tea (I love the Yogi tea), water, and books to read and draw/write in. I really like when a worker comes in to find out how the float went; everyone who works at The Float Place is super nice and positive, always with good advice and fun stories.

So that’s my experience floating. For more in depth info, visit thefloatplace.com.

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