German shepherds = travel

Although I was born with no sense of direction, that has never stopped me from trying to navigate my way around the world.  The fact that I can walk around the block and then swear I don’t know where I am three minutes later does not scare me away from travel.

Maybe I can’t be bothered with mundane details, like, how to get back to the hotel.  Maybe I am completely mesmerized by the alligators asleep along the highway in Florida or the smoky mist that has settled in the mountains of Bavaria on a summer morning.  Maybe I am a scatterbrain, but one thing I’ve learned is that getting lost can lead to great finds.

Don’t we all sometimes imagine that we’d rather be anywhere but ______.  (Fill in with place that makes you scream inside your head.)

The other day while browsing the aisles of King Kullen in search of a bargain in the meat department (ha-ha!), I picked this up:

and thought (besides “$12.43, are they kidding”) of this:

In another aisle, I saw:

And it made me think of this: 






While in reality what I most remember about Brussels is:

Even something as simple as:  

Will point my thoughts toward:

Arcadia National Park, Maine (Plh1234us, CC-BY-SA-3.00/GFDL, WikiCommons)

(Poland Spring water comes from Maine, not Poland!)

If you find yourself some day waiting on line behind one of those extreme couponers or in the midst of another equally infuriating activity, simply imagine one spectacular place you have always wanted to see in person.  That’s the first step in getting there.

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May 6, 2011

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