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Those new to the Pagan lifestyle may find it difficult to reach out and find others like themselves.  Even long-practicing Solitaries may not know where to find fellowship when they have questions or would like to socialize.  There is, however, an extensive resource on the net that has helped thousands of Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and the like get together – Witchvox.


Witchvox (the witches’ voice) is a non-profit online website that was established in 1997 for this purpose.  It brings together people of all Pagan faiths, in an online manner and also physically, through its various listings of where to find rituals, get-togethers and other activities.  There are listings for all 50 states and even many other countries.  It is the largest international Neo-Pagan website of this nature.

Individuals have the ability to write articles for the site, find a group, and post activities.  There is an extensive information section, music area, Pagan news, columns written by contributors and essays written by readers.  However, it is best known for its ability to bring people together, both online and physically.

An interesting section is the Bardic Circle, which is a gathering of stories, magic and music, which traditionally would be conducted in the woods around a bonfire, but today can now be experienced via computer.

Witchvox is a great resource for anyone trying to find a Wiccan or Pagan group in their area, search for information, or let their thoughts be read by others.

November 19, 2013

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