Celebrate Samhain

Happy Samhain / Happy Halloween

Today is the day when the veil between the worlds is thin.  We honor our passed ancestors and loved ones.  We celebrate the Witches New Year on the Wheel of the Year.  We celebrate and party.  Some things to do on this Samhain (pronounced Sow-wen) are:

  • Burn incense, scry into a bowl of black-colored water, and try to see the path you should be on.
  • Set an extra setting at your dinner table for one of your ancestors and toast to their memory.
  • Look for a Wiccan celebration in your area on witchvox.com.
  • Cast a circle, invite your ancestors to join, and cast a spell for success in the new year.
  • Carve a jack-o-lantern and roast the pumpkin seeds.
  • Watch a good horror movie like the original ‘Halloween’, ‘Misery’ or one of the ‘Final Destination’ flicks.
  • Find a costume and go out and party.  As you celebrate, give thanks for the year that has gone and ask for good fortune in the one ahead.

Blessed Be.




October 31, 2013

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