Best costumes from Salem

Here are the rest of the photos from my trip.  No city beats Salem for inventive costumes and ‘spirit,’ although Manhattan comes close with their Annual Greenwich Village Halloween parade (postponed this year til next week).  Anyone who wants to have a fun time should book their hotel early for next year.  I know I will!  Thanks again to everyone who let me post their pictures.

One of these people is not real

Music in the streets











The fingernails are scarier than the bite but this victim looks surprisingly happy!

Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Bear with Pebbles & BamBam











Salem’s version of a rickshaw

I think he said he’s a professor ?











Met this Viking in the bar at the Hawthorne Hotel

I LOVED this couple – aren’t they adorable?











Fun-loving witch and skeleton

Who are these guys?











Sorry this is fuzzy but such inventive jellyfish I had to include it

All of them are superheroes but the girl was getting all of the attention












This pirate was so nice he gave me a golden dollar

3 Ghostbusters & an Ecto











This is a real officer & real Salem badge

Where’s Keef?











Wolfman and Skeleton – great makeup

3 powerful witches











I’m not messing with her

My favorite drag queen











Pimp devil!

So cute & what an awesome dancer!











A bit of Mexico on Essex Street

My fave he/she waitress



















November 2, 2012

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