Haunted Fraunces Tavern

Fraunces Tavern, landmark building Fraunces Tavern is Manhattan’s oldest tavern.  Originally built as a house for a wealthy merchant in 1719, it has had several reincarnations, from home to boardinghouse to office of the U.S. back in our nation’s infancy (Department of Foreign Affairs, War and Treasury), and a few other things in between.  The […]

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Sweet Hollow Road, Long Island

Is Sweet Hollow Road haunted? Sweet Hollow Road in Huntington, Long Island, is a road of many mysteries and urban legends; many believe it is haunted.  The Northern State Parkway overpass on the road is a popular place to put your car in neutral to see if a ghost will push it to safety.  No […]

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Witches’ balls in Salem

Salem, Massachusetts, is a fun place to be for Halloween/Samhain.  The streets are packed, everyone dresses in elaborate costumes (all day long), bands play outdoors, vendors set up tables, people line up for ghost tours and haunted house tours.  If you’re looking for an authentic way to spend Samhain, I recommend the following: Laurie Cabot […]

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October 28, 2014

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I met Annabelle the doll and you can too

Annabelle, the doll I met Annabelle, the haunted doll, and you can too.  She “lives” in the occult museum housed in Lorraine Warren‘s home in Monroe, Connecticut.  Following the success of “The Conjuring”, the film “Annabelle” was released.  It is a prequel to “The Conjuring” and based on a true story that involved Ed and […]

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Wicca protection bottle

A Wicca protection bottle is a basic craft project.  It is not only for a person in trouble or anticipating ill will; it can be used as a talisman for general protection of your family and home. A protection bottle can be made out of any type of bottle or jar, from the fanciest perfume […]

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September 25, 2014

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Mabon, the witches’ Thanksgiving

Mabon Sabbat Mabon is a Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year.  It is the second harvest celebration, after Lammas and before Samhain.  Mabon celebrates the bounty of the garden and is basically the witches’ Thanksgiving.  It occurs at the same time as the autumnal equinox and honors the Goddess who becomes the Crone.  We […]

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Manhattan’s witch store, Enchantments

Enchantments: NYC’s occult and witchcraft store In the middle of East Ninth Street between First & Ave. A, I walk into my favorite Manhattan shop.  As I open the door, I’m greeted by the salsa music of Celia Cruz.  I notice the cauldrons, jars of herbs, darkened bottles of potions, and glitter sparking on the […]

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September 13, 2014


Lammas pentacle wreath

Lammas celebrates the first harvest Lammas is a sabbat (holiday) in the Wheel of the Year that celebrates the first harvest, particularly wheat and other grains.  There are traditionally 3 harvest celebrations – Lammas (August 1), Mabon (held on the Fall equinox), and Samhain (October 31). Ways to celebrate Lammas Read my previous article, Celebrate the […]

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