Add magic into your Happy New Year Day meal


Happy New Year!

Almost every culture has a favorite New Year’s Day food to bring good luck.  In the South, it’s black eyed peas.  Spanish celebrants pop 12 grapes at midnight.  Lentils are a biggie in Italy and Cubans cook roast pork.  My father’s lucky food was creamed herring, eaten every New Year’s Eve and Day, to my disgust.  Check out to find recipes for good luck foods around the world.

Witchy New Year

To inspire the witch in you and begin the new year right, add a little basil to your meal for luck, happiness, clarity and wealth.  Stir symbols of what you wish to attract into your life this year, into the pot.  It can be a heart, dollar sign, a name, words, place you’d like to vacation, or a symbol that has meaning only to you.  Make the spell your own and live this year in positivity.

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