A witch’s week

A witch’s week in October:


It’s so ugly, I love it.


A book I refer to in all seasons; it’s filled with recipes, stories, rituals, spells. It always inspires and gets me back to using nature in the kitchen.


I don’t care if my old Laurel & Hardy piano is dusty, out of tune and missing ivories. I took lessons for 10 years a long time ago and I’ve chosen the Michael Myer’s Theme to get back to a talent I used to possess.



This book is only brought out for one month a year – and this is it.


A feral cat who loves to sleep among my hedges and weeds. Whenever I see her, I say, “Hi, fat cat.”


A perfect little mushroom found in the woods while on a walk. Which reminds me of Alice – when she’s 10 feet tall.

And that’s my week! How was yours?

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