20 gift ideas for people who like to travel

Some of these I already own and love, and some are on my wish list. Prices range from free to a few hundred dollars but I’m sure all would be appreciated. Happy shopping!

iPod Touch – This is the single most useful object I have ever owned, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I use it 20+ times every day. Some of the apps I use regularly:  iTunes to get my walking-in-the-woods and I-hate-yardwork-and-housework music (Alice in Chains always gets me through it) and Bill Burr’s podcasts, Netflix where I can make my way through all 84 episodes of Reno 911 and assorted movies, WABC-TV News, Bejeweled 2, Facebook, Twitter, Awesome Note to-do list, Notes, Dictionary/ Thesaurus, Flixster movies w/Rotten Tomatoes, plus about 30 more. There are also tons of free travel related apps such as Kayak, TripAdvisor, and Delta.

Blowup Travel Pillow – Squishy memory foam neck pillows are nice, but mine deflates and easily fits into any bag.

National Park Service Pass – Costs $80 per year and covers the entry fees for the pass owner plus 3 people 16 and over. There are more than 2,000 federal recreation sites across the country. There are also low cost senior passes and free passes for the disabled and volunteers. Go to http://www.recreation.gov/ to read more about the park sites.

LeSportSac bag – Not only for the ladies, these bags are light as air – because who wants to start out with a bag that weighs 5 lbs. empty. They now carry mens’ bags, diaper bags, and oh – I just saw XL weekender bags on their website!

NatGeo Traveler Magazine – Beautiful locations, great tips, informative articles, and knockout photos – just makes you want to go somewhere!  Also check out Outside mag which has equally mesmerizing photos (and their website is A+).

Shakeology – This is a shake from the P90X people filled with ’23 vitamins and minerals in a glass.’  It makes me feel fantastic, baby, after drinking it, I just want to RUN OUT AND GET STUFF DONE! or EXERCISE LIKE A MANIAC!  It’s not specifically travel-related, but always makes me feel like climbing a mountain (and no, I do not sell it, get paid saying this, or anything like that).  Next time I go overseas I’m going to try it when I have jetlag.

Smart Phone Gloves – I’ve seen these all over the mall and it’s a really good idea. No more stopping to pull off gloves to FF to the next song or answer the phone.

Digital Frame – The easy way to display photos from your trips. Just load it with your camera’s memory card and the pictures are shown in a rotation or can be still.  These frames are made by many companies with various price ranges.  If you click on the link, it will bring you to the Consumer Reports page for digital frames.  That said, I love how www.snapfish.com makes VERY inexpensive collages out of your photos. I got one made of the crazy NY Dolls/Poison/Motley Crue concert I went to over the summer and it came out really nice.  It’s hanging up in my office and makes me smile every time I see Tommy Lee drumming upside down on a roller coaster.  That was a fun night!

Travel Guide – A Frommer’s or Fodor’s or Lonely Planet book of the person’s dream vacation and one of those little laminated street maps.  (Is anybody I know reading this or clicking on the link?  Only $11.20 and eligible for free shipping!  Just sayin’…)

Canon Rebel – I’m saving up for this one – a good camera for a beginner to DSLR. Several people have recommended it to me.

GPS – Not only for driving, I use mine for my weird little hobby of Geocaching, which is like a little treasure hunt that you didn’t even know existed, all over the world. Plus, the GPS will get you out of the woods if the sun starts setting. (I know this.)

Photo Printer – Personally, I order from snapfish or go to CVS but some people want to print up photos in the privacy of their own home ;0.

Brightly Colored Luggage Tag – You can find girly tags at www.girlytwirly.com or manly tags (12 gifts so manly they’ll put hair on your chest), or go to the person’s favorite store and see if they sell them – Coach does.  This is a good stocking stuffer.

Food from the person’s Favorite City/Country – Junior’s cheesecake from NY, wine from Provence, British scones. This is a fun and unexpected gift.

iPad – On my wish list.  (Really – Is anybody paying attention here?)

Book: River of Doubt by Candice Millard – I tell everyone about this book. It’s the story of Teddy Roosevelt’s trip down the uncharted Amazon and written wonderfully. It’s a great, great, great adventure book.

Passport Case – Many different companies make these. Fossil has cool brown leather ones and even the post office sells a version.

Road Trip Gifts – These can range from safety items to journals, gas cards, camping gear, picnic items, games to keep the kids busy, maps, Route 66 items, etc.

Booze – A bottle of good French Champagne is always nice – so they can be all Paris and stuff.

Basket – Make up a basket of little assorted items with a theme. Caribbean or Luau would be fun for the winter. Fill the basket with a bottle of rum, jerk seasoning, citrus or coconut candles, Bob Marley cd (if they play cd’s), Pirates of the Caribbean DVD (duh!), incense, etc. Check out www.OrientalTrading.com for this.

So that’s it.  Feel free to get me any of the above.

December 7, 2011

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