10 gifts for Yule

Yule gifts should be useful but also fun and desired.  It falls on December 21, the longest night of the year, and celebrates the Winter Solstice.  Read the History of Yule here.  Following are 10 ideas for Yule gifts, some to make or put together yourself, and some to purchase.  Blessed Be!

1.  Amy Brown Bubble Rider Fairy Diva – There is a whole series of these lovely fairies, which would look beautiful on your Christmas tree or hanging in the window.  I’ve actually requested the above fairy this year.  Let’s hope it arrives.

2.  2013 Almanac – Any type of earth almanac that shows moon phases, planting guides, and the like is appropriate.

3.  Spell Candles – I described my experience making these in my previous article.  You can make your own to give as a gift or order one.

4.  Marble Mortar and Pestle – Prices range from $12.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond to $99 at Williams Sonoma.

5.  Spell Bath Basket – Fill a basket or box with a calming or energizing mix of incense, handmade soap, oil, candles, natural sponge, and homemade bath salts.

6.  Tarot Cards and Pouch – Buy or sew up a pouch and place a deck of Tarot cards inside.  The pouch can be decorated with paint, stencils, cross stitched or embroidered.

7.  Mulled WinePut a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic Glogg, a goblet or two, Wicca glass charms, and jar of ingredients to make mulled wine in a pretty basket.

8.  Make a Travel Mini Altar Kit – This would be a very welcome gift for any traveling witch.

9.  Garlic Infused Olive Oil – One word to describe this olive oil:  delicious!!  Whenever I come across Cucina Aurora, I make sure to purchase a bottle.  A suitable oil can be made at home following this recipe from youtube.  Watch the entire video, as you can get botulism if not done correctly – you cannot merely put garlic cloves in a bottle of oil.

10.  Geocaching ContainersGeocaching does not necessarily have anything to do with Yule or Wicca, but it is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors while searching for buried treasure.  Plus, a witch should know her directions and how to use a GPS.

December 17, 2012

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