Strawberry moon poem and Summer of Love

  Strawberry Moon                                                       by Patrick Carrington Strawberry moon spreads its will like jam, sweet with the sugars of song and sunfade, and I see the back of sadness break. Mockingbirds scoop the music of a stream and fly it to the trees, share the throat of that new sister as they sing. Rich with […]

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National Pig Day – Give a Chanchito

National Pig Day Happy National Pig Day! March 1 is one of those weird little holidays, like Dance like a Chicken Day (May 14) or Defy Superstition Day (September 13). (See more at According to Wikipedia, National Pig Day was invented in 1972 by two sisters and its purpose is: “To accord the pig its rightful, […]

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March 1, 2016

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Imbolc activities

Imbolc Imbolc, or the Mid Winter Festival of Lights, begins February 1. It’s beginning to stay light a bit longer and we are now halfway between Winter and Spring. There are several ways to celebrate this Sabbat. Also, refer to my earlier article, Imbolc, festival of lights for more craft, decoration, and meal ideas (including the […]

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Add magic into your Happy New Year Day meal

Happy New Year! Almost every culture has a favorite New Year’s Day food to bring good luck.  In the South, it’s black eyed peas.  Spanish celebrants pop 12 grapes at midnight.  Lentils are a biggie in Italy and Cubans cook roast pork.  My father’s lucky food was creamed herring, eaten every New Year’s Eve and Day, to my […]

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Haunted Raynham Hall, Long Island

Historic Raynham Hall in Oyster Bay, Long Island, is rumored to be haunted so I decided to check it out one afternoon. Besides that, it has something to do with the A&E TV show Turn, about George Washington’s Culper spies during the Revolutionary War. I learned this house was also the setting for the first Valentine and […]

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Unique Halloween costumes for women to buy online

While looking for a Halloween costume, I came across some unique ideas and wanted to share a few of them.  If you see an unusual outfit or accessory, let me know! OUIJA: WITCH:   VOODOO: TIGHTS: JEWELRY: MISC./CATEGORIES TO CHECK OUT: ANYTHING from They have book of shadows, Dracula’s Castle, Ouija, tattoo machine (and more) […]

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October 16, 2015

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Mabon ideas

Happy Mabon!  Happy Autumn! Mabon is a Sabbat that occurs at the same time as the Autumnal Equinox.  It’s a celebration of harvests, and also referred to as the Witches’ Thanksgiving.  Last year I wrote an article about Mabon – read it here.  Included there are ideas on decorating, spells, Mabon oil and incense, activities, […]

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